Image Name Mana Cost Type Description Effect
Killing Frenzy 4 All your minions gain 2 attack until the end of this turn.
Orb of Rejuvenation 3 Target minion you control recovers 1 health for every 2 minions in your graveyard at the end of your turn.
Shatterblast 1 Your hero takes 3 damage and target enemy minion takes 5 damage.
Shock Wave 3 Target enemy minion takes 5 damage, if it is destroyed this way, all enemy minions take 2 damage.
Split shot wiki
Split Shot 4 All enemy Minions take 2 damage and are Poisoned(2) Poisoned(2)
Summoned Golem 2 Target enemy minion suffers upkeep(1). Upkeep(1)
Unholy Plague 2 All enemy minions suffer Poisoned(3) Poisoned(3)

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