Img Name Mana Cost Description Effect
Clearmind Helmet
Clearmind Helmet 2 When you use Clearmind Helmet, your hero recovers 5 health and all minions you control take 3 damage. ---
Helm of Legion 2 When you use Helm of Legion, all minions you control gain Empowered(2) until the end of the enemy's turn. Empowered(2)
Ironscale Cloak 2 When you use Ironscale Cloak, your hero recovers 3 health. ---


Img Name Type Mana Cost Description Effect
Bowman's Shield --- 2 When you use Bowman's Shield, your hero gains Armored(1) until the end of the next enemy turn. Armored(1)
Crescent Moon Sword
Crescent Moon Sword --- 2 When you use Crescent Moon Sword, target enemy Minion takes 5 damage, and if it is destroyed, your Hero recovers 2 Health. ---
Demon Axe --- 3 When you use Demon Axe, target enemy Minion takes 3 damage, and then all enemy Minions take 2 damage. ---
Executor Sword
Executor Sword --- 2 Weapon: Light

When your Hero unleashes a Heroic Ability, your Hero takes 3 damage.

Flurry of Arrows
Flurry Of Arrows --- 2 Weapon: Heavy

When you use Flurry of Arrows, target enemy Minion receives 5 damage and neighboring Minions are Crippled(1) until the end of the enemy turn.



Heavy Polar Axe
Heavy Polar Axe --- 2 When your hero deals damage, Heavy Polar Axe deals 1 additional damage. ---
Knockout --- 2 When your hero uses a heroic ability, Knockout deals 1 damage to enemy hero. ---

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