Image Name Mana Cost Type Description Effect
Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning 2 All enemy minions suffer Weakness(4). Weakness(4)
Consuming Plague
Consuming Plague 3 All minions on the field lose 3 attack, your hero takes 6 damage, and the enemy hero takes 4 damage.
Courage 3 Target minion you control gains 2 attack and Breach Attack. Breach Attack
Demonic Prison 4 Deals 2 damage to enemy Minions and 5 damage to enemy Hero.
Explosive Shot 3 Deals 5 damage to target enemy minion and its neighboring minions.
Guardian Stance 2 Target minion you control gains 4 health and neighboring minions gain 2 attack.
Lifewarp 3 Target enemy minion takes 5 damage and its neighboring minions are stunned until the end of the next turn.
Offensive Shout 3 Target enemy minion loses 3 attack and its neighbors lose 2 attack.
Video Jun 11 2013 0 -picsay31651307222
Reliquary of Souls 2 Your target minion gains the attack of an enemy minion if the enemy minion's attack is higher.
Smite of Heaven 2 All enemy Undead and Demon minions suffer Weakness(3) Weakness(3)
Soul Harvest 4 Target enemy minions takes 7 damage, and if enemy minion is destroyed by the effect of this card, your hero is healed for double the summoning cost of the destroyed minion.
Tiger Claw Strike
Tiger Claw Strike 2 Target enemy minion takes 5 damage and suffers bleeding (4) until the end of next enemy turn. Bleeding(4)
Vortex of Mana 3 If your Hero's' Mana Level is lower than enemy Hero's' Mana Level, enemy Hero loses 2 Mana.

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